Saturday 10 March 2018


The Aetius & Arthur update file, for the second edition of Saga, is now available. This document explains the corrections and updates needed to use this Saga Universe with the new rulebook.

As we explained earlier, Aetius & Arthur has been designed with the second edition in mind. The number of amendments is hence quite low, and mainly deal with questions of wording and the stats of some troop types (as the new equipment handles armour variation differently). For the Saga abilities of the battleboards, the main changes were to bring the wording in line with Saga 2 and no ability has fundamentally changed. With this single file, all players playing in the age of Arthur and his foes will be able to enjoy Saga 2 without any issue.

We have also printed an update pack that gathers the printed version of this file along with the 6 battleboards including the updates and using the new layout of the Age of Vikings battleboards. So, if the players want to have their battleboards printed with the new wording, they will be able to buy them separately. This update pack only includes the amendments of the book, along with the battleboards of the 6 factions of the book.

It will be a one-shot, so when it’s gone, it will be gone forever. But this pack is not necessary to enjoy Aeitus & Arthur, and the file available for free is actually everything you need. But as we wanted some printed updated battleboards for our games, we thought that some players might want them too!

And for the Skraelings players out there, don’t worry, they’re coming! They will be available sometime during this month.


Saturday 17 February 2018


For those who have not had time to download the files about “Saga”, here they are:

→ Quick reference sheet

→ Markers and reg

→ F.A.Q. september 2016 (zip file)

→ Angry monks

→ Priests, composite bows and war banners

→ Wandering bard

→ Egil Skalagrimsson

→ Fatigue tokens

→ Flemish mercenaries

→ The Gall-Gaedhil

→ Gunnar Hamundarson

→ Tokens Jarl Sigvaldi

→ Sticks Dark Age

→ Skraelings

→ Steppes tribes

→ Sven Forkbeard

→ Symbols dices Dark Age

→ Symbols dices Crescent and Cross

→ Symbols dices Aetius et Arthur


Wednesday 7 February 2018

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