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Dracula’s America

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Dracula's America: Shadows of the West

It is 1875, and Count Dracula is President of the United States of America.

A Tale of Conspiracy and Gothic Horror

In the wake of the Civil War, with the country struggling to regain its balance, Dracula seized power. The Count's thralls assassinated President Lincoln and his entire administration in a single night and, in the ensuing chaos, their master made his move. Dominating the Senate, he declared himself President-for-Life, and now rules the Union with fear and an iron fist. His vampiric progeny, the Coven of the Red Hand, infest every strata of society, and enforce Dracula's will with ruthless efficiency.

Drawn by the shadows gathering across the nation, secretive cults and evil creatures emerge from their lairs to thrive in the darkness of the new regime. Fleeing from the oppression and menace of the East, hordes of pioneers head to the West, hoping for a new life.

You can find the English version on the site: ospreypublishing.com

Epic and Bloody Skirmishes

Dracula’s America : Les Ombres de l’Ouest est un jeu d’escarmouche d’horreur gothique se déroulant dans un far ouest alternatif. Des guerres secrètes font rage à travers tout le pays (des dynamiques villes champignons jusqu’au fin fond des territoires sauvages) pendant que cultes et sociétés secrètes s’affrontent pour la survie et le pouvoir.

Embrassez la cause de l’une de ces factions et menez votre bande dans des affrontements palpitants dignes des meilleures scènes de Western !


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Dracula's america
Dracula’s America


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